What are the different types of marquees?

How much does a marquee cost in Ireland?

Traditional Marquees

Traditional marquees are the most versatile marquee and can be erected on almost any surface. In addition, they can be fitted with a fully lined floor and carpeted floor, or even a bar and furniture if you want to create your own personalized event space.

Traditional marquees come in many different sizes and shapes, including round, square or oval shapes. They are also available in lengths 10ft to 20ft wide, suitable for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries.

Traditional marquees can even be made more special by adding extras such as heating and lighting systems to enjoy your party, whatever the weather!

Peg and Pole Marquee

Peg and pole marquees are the most versatile of all marquees. They can be erected on any surface, from grass to concrete, and are ideal for sloping ground or confined spaces.

They can also be built on hard surfaces like gravel driveways or decks. A peg and pole marquee can be erected on soft ground such as soil, sand, or a roof terrace (if there is enough headroom) but will require a surface treatment such as sandbags or bags filled with stones placed under the tent pegs. Peg and pole marquees can also be erected on buildings and even beaches!

Bedouin Marquee

Bedouin marquees are made from stretchy fabric and can be covered by walkways. They’re fairly simplistic, so they can be a good choice if you’re looking for something simple or creative with the decor.

Frame Marquee

Frame marquees can be used on most surfaces, including hard surfaces, grass, and sand. They are a great choice when you have limited space or where the ground conditions would not support the weight of a traditional tent. Frame marquees are available in many different styles to suit any event or budget and can be customized to your requirements, whether glass walls or solid roofs.

Frame marquees have no center poles, so they require less space than traditional tents giving you more room for furniture placement and decoration. The frame also allows you to erect them close to buildings and other structures, preventing expensive equipment such as forklifts. They fold down easily, making them very portable, making them ideal for exhibitions where multiple locations may be required throughout the day.

Sailcloth Marquee

Sailcloth marquees have a dramatic appearance and are ideal for weddings or parties. They feature a tensioned sailcloth roof, which is still the most traditional type of marquee. Sailcloth marquees are available in various sizes and can be used with other marquees such as those listed below.

Geodesic Dome Marquee

The geodesic dome is a very popular type of marquee because it is made from high-quality white PVC and is very strong but lightweight. This makes them easy to install and makes them easier to transport than other types of marquees.

They come in a variety of sizes, including 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft) and 6m x 6m (19ft x 19ft).

There are lots of different types of the marquee.

  • *Traditional*

If you are looking for a standard marquee that is easy to erect, the traditional is for you. The structure of the whole marquee is built from wood and steel, which means it can stand up to all weathers, including wind and rain. Additionally, the construction process is simple enough that even people who have never put up a marquee before should manage it with ease. This style also comes with its attached flooring, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing additional materials. If your event has a smaller budget but requires an impressive display space, this style might be ideal!

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